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The Montessori School of San Antonio

Guiding children to be passionate learners, independent thinkers, and engaged citizens.

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Primary, Ages 3-6

Primary students develop the foundation of academic and social skills that prepare them for life. Areas of emphasis include practical life, cultural, sensorial, language, math, music, and motor skills. Learning alongside peers of mixed ages, younger students benefit from the example of older students and older students serve as role models for younger students.

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Elementary, Ages 6-12

Elementary students are motivated to learn through action, exploration, and discovery. Lower Elementary students (Ages 6-9) acquire academic skills and develop their personal and social conscience. Upper Elementary students (Ages 9-12) inquire more deeply into advanced mathematics, literature, writing, geography, world history, science, and technology and develop an understanding of the relationships that exist between individuality, culture, and assimilation into a broader community.

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Middle School,
Ages 12-14

The Middle School program prepares students for success in high school and beyond. Students become sophisticated thinkers and problem solvers through purposeful work and an advanced academic curriculum. Meaningful social interactions between students foster healthy social development into adolescence.

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Specials classes are designed to expand children’s exposure to a wide range of subjects beyond the core curriculum. The MSSA Library is situated in the heart of the campus where students visit regularly to instill a love of reading and research skills. Specials also include music, art, Spanish, motor skills, and more!

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A wide variety of after-school activities are available to MSSA students to support varying interests. MSSA’s athletic program fosters sports skills, physical fitness, performance, character, teamwork, leadership development, self-confidence, resilience, and fun in a productive environment designed for development and progression.

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Outdoor Spaces

The MSSA campus is a beautiful and calm oasis situated on 24 wooded acres on the outskirts of San Antonio. Outdoor spaces include gardens and patios for every classroom, playgrounds and athletic fields, and a serene nature trail.

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Join us on January 22 at 9 am for our Open House.
Learn about our programs, see the classrooms, and meet some of the teachers.

Welcome to The Montessori School of San Antonio

Where children are guided to be passionate learners, independent thinkers, and engaged citizens.

The Montessori School of San Antonio was founded as the Judson School – a Montessori Workshop in 1974. From there it has grown to include Primary, Elementary, and Middle School Montessori programs. The MSSA campus is a secure 24-acre parcel at the intersection of Loop 1604 and Rogers Ranch Parkway in far North-Central San Antonio with a surrounding environment designed specifically to meet the learning criteria set out by Dr. Maria Montessori.